Some days are just that, strange. Friday,April 15 2006 was one of them.

It started about 3 days ago on tuesday when a couple of associates asked me to take a trip to Lahore to meet two other associates. We scheduled the trip for April 14, Friday. When i got home after the meeting, my mother reminded me of my cousins wedding. I rescheduled for saturday and what followed was a worsening in city conditions and postponement of the wedding to saturday. Issue 1. On thursday. We recieved a notice to arrange for a press briefing. This we managed to pull off, except that the chief financial officer refused to hand in the figures. Naturally the ceo was ticked off, but i strongly believe we are in the clear. This issue will be resolved on monday.

After two meetings that went as scheduled, I killed time at synergy, helping Irti out on her out of the world assignments. That was fun.

Usman picked us up and we headed for coffee tea and company. I decided to call a cab to take my trip to the airport. Despite 4, calls, no cab came. The excuses the cab people gave were stupid. First time, when I called them 30 mins after my first request for the cab, they tell me that i failed to verify that i had requested for a cab. They claim that they called my cell and that i had declined any need for a cab. Second time round, the guy says he will need 20-25 mins to send the cab over. I could live with that, since the time was still 8.15 pm. 20 mins later, i get a call. No cabs available. Are you ok if we find you one thats currently in the city. I need a cab and im ok with anything that can drop me at the airport by 9 because i have a flight at 9.30 . The idiots think im ok with a cab that gets to me by 9. How the hell do they expect me to get to the airport by 9, if i get a cab by 9? i cancel my cab call, take a rickshaw. That gets stuck in 3 jams.

I reach the airport by 9.45. I clearly missed my flight. The pia at 10 was closed for boarding. The aero asia at 10.50 was cancelled. My only option was the 12.15 pia which i just bought a ticket for. Im boarding the plane now. Finally hoping to get home.

This is hopefully one of the new 777s, so ill probably get home soon.

While waiting initially at the airport peior to check in time, I saw an be on the large lcd screen. It was a razor ad. One of those cheap animated ones. They showed a guy shaving, which was understandable, but the ad ended at two females, who were posted against an animated set, with hearts popping out of their heads as they face each other. What on earth does that imply?

There were families at the airport to see of 1 person, who was travelling to Karachi. The hugs and tears just wouldnt end. For Gods sake! Its Karachi the person is traveling
to, not Iraq!

The steward is distributing newspapers while I wait on board the plane. At 12 sharp. Isnt it history by now?

I spent a good stretch of time talking to hina while i was at the airport, and i thank her deeply for tolerating my verbal diarrhea. I just let Ash know im finally on the plane. When i told her i missed the flight, i couldnt tell if she was angry at me or just plain shocked, but I guess she is relieved by now.

Just checked with the attendant. We will be landing at about 2.00 am. Against the wind i guess, and also that this is not one of the 777s. As long as i get home and get a good nights sleep, all is cool.

As I get home, more weird stuff. I realized that i dont have enough change to pay the cab, while the rest of the family members are still there at the cousin ki shaadi. All I have are a couple of thousand rupee notes and Rs. 120 in change. What I needed to pay were Rs. 160. I started my search and found the lights of my the the residents below my apartment on. Hopeful of getting some help, I rang their bel. Thankfully aunty was awake and was more than eager to help me. I still owe her Rs. 50, since i paid her back Rs. 110 while coming up the stairs after paying the cabbie.

Finally…..I slept… 0300 hours….