Ok….got tagged by Dysfunctional and incidentally, this is exactly the tag that I referred to in this post! so yaaay!!

thanks Dys!! (can i call u that btw??)


height: 5’10”
color: a shade of brown (wheatish?? whats that btw??)
piercing: nil!
tattoos: none

Right Now

Time: 1259 hrs (this post will be published at approximately 1520 hrs btw)
Mood: need to work, dont feel like it, slightly bored!
taste: cant exactly pin down what that is…
the weather: its hot outside…humid in here…..
bad habit: lemme think of ONE!
current crush: Sounds boring but none..nil..ziltch…nada..
biggest regret: None major….but there is one i cant tell!

Perfume(s): Eternity
Thing I want to do: Get done with the projects on hand and see these things fly!


TV show: Hardly been watching TV, but always liked sitcoms!
book: many…just dont remember names (note to self, get reading again)
non alcoholic drink: Milk, sprite, tang…cut down on cola these days..
milk drink: Milk itself, hot chocolate flavoured is great too….
brand: brand of what??
color: Im a blue freak
emblem: Cambridge U!
perfume: 212 Men, Farenheit, Drakkar Noir, Eternity, Contradiction, Escape and few others that I cant recall names of..
designer: Not a designer wear person….
Chocolate: A great many…wher do i start???

Have I Ever

broken the law: yes…
misused credit card: NO!!!
skipped school: no…
fell asleep in the shower/bath: yes…and its so soothing!!
had children: umm……not the last time i checked!
been in love: i guess..
been hurt: comes with the package….


have a job: umm….yes…
My CD player has what in it right now: Ill take the PC, its silent right now…but im hooked to The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice these days…
if I were a crayon, the color? blue!
what makes me happy? good food, job done, silence, sitcoms, family….i have many of those chotti chotti khushain btw….

When/What Was the Last

I got a real letter: I stopped getting those….now all i get are bills….
got an email: AN email?? i get over a hundred everyday!

thing I purchased: duplicate key for my car on sat, was too lazy to do anything on sun and havent bought anything so far today!
TV program I watched: A hint of satuday night live…on saturday!
movie I saw in the theaters: Pirates of The Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest.. at the premiere! :D

hugged: virtually or really??
song heard: Damien Rice – Blowers Daughter and then Requiem for a Dream’s soundtrack…
place I was [besides home]: at office….was in the car before that!
phone call: mum!
was depressed: late saturday night…done and over with now….

What Comes to Mind When I Hear

car: BMW = UDM
murder: crows!.
cape: zorro…
cell: mine!
fun: execution!
shoe: i need to buy!!
crush: orange juice!
music: depends on the kind of music!
love: nothing much really…im a cold blooded realist….
chalk: aimed and whacked on the head!

Now…who all do I tag?

Extiinct, Psyched, Suga, No one, Mansoor, Jaded, Untamed Desires, Mentalist, FQ, Checkmate, Qu3st, Sam and SR (you know who im referring to are). Anyone else, feel free to jump in!