A silent raindrop on the window sill. A soft stirring harmony of the raindrops crashing to the ground around yoy. Each a universe on its own, each a dream, a life, a planet on its own. Millions fall by us every minute of this dawning day All gone, forever smashed to a million pieces together, only to come beneath our feet, only to flow back, silently, to meet the dead souls of their own kind.

The ocean endless, never silent, forever relentless. Beating upon the shore, again and again and again. How we mean everythin on the land and nothing in the vast ocean. How we trample smashed droplets under our feet, sweep them away with our wipers, dance when they fall and cry when we fall because of these tiny disjointed microcosms.

The most that we feel with every drop is is sweet tingle on the skin, so soft a goosebump for so short a time. Stirring memories long gone, emotions that were there, but maybe never. Dreamscapes that once were, now barren hinterland.

The universe is not what it used to be, neither will it remain what it is today. We keep changing, everything keeps changing. How we wish we could hold on to what we have today, never let go of what we have so firmly close to our heart, mind and soul. How we wish that time stood still, how we wish that moments cease to kill.