Moving into a new office is just as much hassle (or a reason to start afresh) as moving into a new home. I have formally moved into the new office today and things so far look good. The internet service is here (after a long wait the other day), the tea will taste different for reasons of change of a tea making person. Lunch menus will probably change too, not to mention an A/C that i can shut off when I dont need it. At the other place, while I started out with a room to my own, I ended up sharing it with a partner and another company employee. The company employee was not our company, he belonged to the company we were situated at. This place, however, will be more to ourselves.

The business partner has his own room, I have my own, with a sweet little black coloured glass-top table and decently toned down lamps. Not to mention this place actually has access to sunlight :).

Tons of stuff yet to get and we’ll keep coming across with things that we feel are missing. Not to mention, heres an opportunity to make this place actually look like an office.

Will post pix of the new place soon enough….but currently more important on my head is the day-out-of-town trip I need to make tomorrow.