While we in Pakistan celebrated World Press Freedom Day with the (controlled) liberation of Blogspot from the shackles of neo-idiotic-beauraucratic idiosyncracies, we were left with another point to ponder.

Will we ever have consistent power supplies that will allow us to blog in peace and read other suff in peace online??

Call me mad but this is a conspiracy theory against blogspot lovers!!!

Last night, as i sat down to work (and blog) after dinner, a wild series of power break dows started. Barely had I caight up with my friends on MSN (ooh, did I mention that my new MSN Live Beta is on a crashing spree and Im solely dependent on the old windows ka pre-intsalled component, Windows Messenger?) when the power went out.

It came back after 15 mins though, happily I turned on my PC, and within five more mins, the power konked out back again.

This time round, it was back in five mins….only this time, I was in bed…..on my way to dreamland….

Yes, the garmee doesnt really affect me, its just the inability to do anything that gets to me!!