Late Thursday night (technically Friday, hence the title of the post) was a night I waited for so long. Another one of those mad mad bloggers on MSN session, celebrating the revival of my phone line!. Referrin to previous posts, I did get a PTCL wireless last week, but the internet on that is really really slow, Unbelievably slow.

So Friday was a strike; and though I know many of the readers of this blog wont agree to my opinions expressed here today, Illl say it. The strike was just an attempt by some idiots desparate for some attention. The idiots themselves, a so-called religio-political gang, is itself guilty of tearing up copies of the Amendment to the Hudood Ordinance Bill and jumping upon it. Now the Hudood Ordinances themselves are formed by religious consensus of some sort and there were certain anomalies. It was only logical that when a bill in that regard is presented to the parliament, it would contain quotes from the highest sources of law in the universe. These idiots, tore it to pieces, jumped upon it, and the gall that they have, they arent even apologising!

Back to Friday, boring, very very boring, I finally watched Syriana with the concentration I wanted to, considering the extreme number of referrals I recieved. The DVD I had bought earlier had crappy audio quality and I never got around to having it exchanged for a better copy. This time I watched a copy I downloaded.

Also downloaded are: The Shawshank Redemption, Scary Movie 4 & Shes the man.

On the list are: Omkara, Poseidon, The Exorcism of Emily Rose…and if any of you have more recommendations, feel free to post as a comment.

Another observation: I sometimes see that some people need nothing to be impressed! Or, maybe its just a mental conditioning within them that makes people accept anything that comes from a certain quarter.

For the past week or so, Ive seen someone express an opinion about a music video, that was appraently released on Friday. Now, Ill just make things a bit clear, the opinion was not directed at me, nor has that person ever spoken to me about it, but its just like a personal statement infront of the name, like the personal message you can post on MSN or G-Talk.

The video in question was a track called “Dil Chahay” by Saahil (I’ve never heard of these guys earlier). I saw the video…and was left wondering what was so “un-fucking-believable” about it. No groundbreaking technique, no unique shots; in short, nothing special at all!

Then again, everyone has his/her right to an opinion, and this is mine. You, as a reader may or may not agree to it, which you are entitled to. Just dont bombard me with hate-mail.