The slightly less dense traffic on the PAF Faisal – Karsaz Intersection strip of Shahrah e faisal was a relief this morning, considering i left slightly earlier than usual. Little did I know the relief was short lived, along with what could have possibly also been some idiots life.

Driving at over 80k in the far right lane, near the CSD stores, a lady steps on to the road while she is less than 70 feet away from me. I honked, and she continued to STROLL across the road! Raising her hand like a traffic cop, maybe she thought she was superwoman or has supernatural powers that will stop a beast weighing in slightly over a ton at close to 90k in under 50 feet!!

The gall of that woman!!! If someone honks when you get on the road, you get back up!! YOU DO NOT STROLL ACROSS THE FUCKING ROAD!!!

Possible effects of such strolling could include your skull be smashed to a few hundred pieces and your brains splatering the road not to mention your body being found over a hundred feet away from my car!!

Lady……if you planned to commit suicide, know that it won’t solve your problems in anyway, though i seriously you werent planning on that. In either case, your death, shoud that have occured, would be more of an act of insanity rather than an accident.

You could be exempted from insanity, however, if you somehow proved that one of your eyes werent working, hence you were unable to assess the distance between you and the car (the human mind works on the principles of co-ordinate geometry, so we need 2 points of reference to calculate distances. our eyes serve as those points of reference). Even in those circumstances, crossing the road was not safe for you and you would have known that!

Thankfully, you are not dead and I just managed to pass behind you, after slowing down to a great extent. I could see a couple of cars behind me pull over next to the lady from the rear view mirror. I however, was just relieved that she was alive. Only later did I realize that I should have pulled over and given her a piece of my mind.

I remember telling someone that half of this nation is suicidal, he came back to me with a statistic on that also implied the same. I said whats the point.

Common sense people….common sense!!