In the dark silent night, a strange noise stirred. Heard by none, except the two of us, was deafening. Insatiable as our hearts and minds were, we wanted more and more of it. It grew upon us. It grew into us. Driving from within, a wave of maddening passion arose the surface of our hearts and minds.

We stood face to face, barely visible, feeling only the warmth of our breath and the touch of bare skin. Exposed completely to the air, yet robed by the darkness, we embrace. Our lips meet, my tongue, entwined into hers; her hands, holding me firm.

I wrapped my arms around her, lifting her onto the bed, all this while, a kiss most passionate, continued.

When the sun rose, a sweet smell of love surrounded us. She was still sleeping on her side, myself, behind her. I found my hand slightly lower from her stomach, her hand, resting over mine, covered in the white sheet that glowed brilliance in the bright morning sun.

I moved my hand ever so slightly. She moved. She turned, looked at me, held my hand, and moved it down further. My hand met a furnace. My eyes met a smile. The fire re-ignited.