As busy-ness keep bugging me senseless, I feel the need to get back into my old semi organized state. Currently im disorganized, and being organized completely is something so bland its no fun at all!

So here I am, at office, thinking what to do next as I type this and munch on some peanut M&M’s. Every wondered why they are called that? Let me know when you find the answer, filhaal im interested in munching and trying to think don a post. Maybe its not all that zaroori, but I guess my poor blog has been ignored for quite a while.

I must really hand it to the Government’s internet censorship dept who has thankfully managed to (i guess) unblock blogspot, and have not clamped down on wordpress. These blogs are blocked due to certain caricatures and because of some blogs supporting a separatist movement in Balochistan. The stranger fact here is that the official website of the dutch newspaper that actually printed them, is still open domain. Not to mention numerous anti Islamic and anti Pakistan sites. Oh, and by the way, porn is still freely accessible, and according to the google zeitgeist, porn and sex happen to be amongst the highest searched keywords from Pakistan. There we go, Land of the Pure.

I have to Falsaqueens tag about the 10 things I want to do before I die….but frankly speaking, I dont know what all I want to do…All my plans have been based around living things through. There is no such thing as yet that I think I have pinned down as a “must do before death”.

Im getting spam in my comments too! and that reminds me I have to fix up some tweaking stuff on my blog as well. What else do I need to do…hmm……lunch is not a bad idea!