Its a wonderful wet tuesday morning and its 9.04 am as I start typing this post away which will be emailed to my blog. Thats so much mor convenient than actually going to your blog, posting it and then publish testing it. This just takes away a lot of hassle.

I’m home today, considering what I went through yesterday. I battleed the elements in my drive to reach home safe. even though I left the office at 1.30, It was the flood at Main Clifton Road between the Clifton Bridge and Teen Talwar hit people the worst. Several cars were seen stalled and I kept pushing mine through. Once on the bridge, it deserved a nice long petrol breather.

Roaring down Shaharah e Faisal, the water was still flooding most parts, especially the left lanes, hence all traffic was moving glued to the right and yes, it was seriously seriously moving. At 3, I realized I wont be able to make it home for lunch, hence I camped out at DD Tipu Sultan and had a nice little lunch and watched the traffic ease out. It did and I hit the road again, only to Mashallah easily sweep down to home in under 20 mins. Yaaaaaaaay!!!

Right now though, my back hurts. I’ve always had this problem when I sleep too much, no matter where I sleep. Anything over 7 hours and I end up witha a killer pain that lasts upto 3 hours. More rain forecasted for today and tomorrow. Ill stay home today.

The new specs update, yes I found the balance :)