This was a term given by an old school friend of mine whom I recently met at a wedding.

 Today, I have no option but to use this term, however, I hold my highest respects for others in the banking community.

 I decided to open my bank account today, since the month is drawing to an end, the company will need a means to deposit my salary.

 It turns out that I am dealing with MCB Bank, and after filling out the requisite paperwork and doing a million and 25 signatures at obscure places, I was informed that my account will be opened tomorrow…i.e. the next working day.

 Why I asked, and I was informed that my NIC will be required to be verified from NADRA (the issuing authority here). Seems logical, only it has already been verified a gazillion times.

Plus, I need to pay 10,500 as a minimum deposit amount and when I told them I already had a relationship with their branch in clifton, they tell me they don’t really care and that all info will have to be re-verified and I will still need 10,500 minimum.

Why on earth? Would the person who makes these banking policies please atleast keep consumer convenience in view?

Oh did I mention? I need to pay 250 to close the account too if I wish to. (which might be needed because I dont’t see the point in keeping floating balances to the tune of 10,000 in each account just to meet their conditions).

 MCBC bank indeed!