The weekend is over and thankfully Clifton is no longer flooded. I liked driving to work today, now im just hoing for the gravel to be removed from one of the main turns and then a couple of other areas to be smoothed out and the traffic to be made decent and the noise to come down and the signals to disappear and to get a………aaah….too much wishful thinking!!! but hey… never get anything unless you actually hope or wish for it!

The weather is pretty pleasnt now. The sun is out, but mercifully doesnt attempt to roast us out when we step onto the street and the wind is blowing pretty pleasant these days. On saturday I took my mum to one of her cousins places that was a 30 min locating activity. I had no plans to hang out there so I tried to hook up with a few friends, thankfully neither they nor I confirmed on the meetup otherwise it would have been tough. I wouldnt have been able to make it. We found the house after driving trough the same lane 3 times in a pursuit for their name plate! Interestingly enough, they had a very desi name spelt angrezi style hence it was over looked, but I did remember passing by it in the very first go.

Sunday, I woke up with a killer pain in my back. It happens everytime I sleep beyond 7/8 hours and is sort of bothering me. But the best part is that it goes away within a couple of hours once I’m out of bed and moving about. Maybe I’m just not used to lying arond, that be good…no?

We drove around in search of a couple of home appliances and I showed my new office to mum and the bros that were along. She be happy.

They say no news is good news, wich essentially means that people can in circumstances be happy without any material changes to ones life. The occurence of an event is often unconnected to happiness.

My phone is still dead and if any reader of this blog knows anyone at PTCL, can someone please please help me get this fixed? its getting to my nerves now! Im actually on the phone right now and listening to PTCL’s music as I try to register yet another complaint about the damn thing!

Oh, and the attack of the random orkut adders has started yet again. I think they come in waves and hunt in packs. Sometimes there is complete and utter silence, other times they comes on 2s, 3s and once even 5 at a time!