I have been insanely busy recently, and may even be facing the wrath of my blog for deserting it. Sadness.

Anyhue, the past week has been a tumultuous one, not only in relation to work, but I guess I also had to bear with a significant amount of emotional stress. Things happen, things change, emotions swing in crazy directions, but I guess what is needed always, is a steady heart and mind. I say heart because the heart is (allegedly) the seat of all human emotion. I say mind, because it affects what we do, and is apparently under some influence of the heart too.

Over the past few days, I felt torn, torn to infinite shreds of some
skewed form of existence. My dreams, soaked in blood, my shadow, no
longer mine, my breath, stifling me.

Back to things. Yes, incidents happen, things happen. But this is what I ask of you all who (with all due respect) drown yourselves in a state of emotional helplessness, why cant you empower yourselves to handle things, come what may?

Sitting in dark corners, crying endlessly throughout the night, sliding into waves of depression over memories of times long gone, really doesn’t help…or does it?