I watched You, Me and Dupree over on Sunday. Its a good movie and an interesting tale on how some of the smallest things matter most in relationships. It also teaches on how not to behave when you’re living in your friends house!

Sunday, I also met AR, the ED of the place I used to work. I spent 35 months there and saw it go through so many changes to be what it has become today. A month before I left, one of our good IT friends, RAG left. A week into my notice period, AI and AA also left. AI was from Goldman Sachs in London and New York. AA was an across the board chartered accountant and was a cool dude. AA joined a few days after I did. AK also joined after that, but he left way early, in that context, AS was also team, but she too left way early.

AI joined pretty late, but became an integral team member thanks to her always being around to joining me for donuts and coffee at DD. She is now a Vice President at an Investment bank looking after the product she used to sell here. AA is AVP at another bank, but will become a VP within 6 months.

During my 35 months, I inherited at different points of time, over 4 bosses. One left within 3 days of my joining for her delivery and never came back. She joined another firm. She was the one that brought me there to start off with. I still call her “the boss who ditched me”. HK came way later, he is now a VP at another bank in the consumer div. AS is now reaping oil in the gulf. WB didnt have the calibre to be called the boss, while he was atleast 4 steps above me in management. I pulled a battle with him and I won. I never wanted to report to him, and I got what I wanted.

AM was cool, he was out of Fidelity in Boston and he too resigned recently, only to join a similar firm as COO.

It was nice meeting up AR after long, the guy bought a set of fine cuban cigars, only to be shocked when I reminded him that I dont even do sheesha. Well, had a hot choc, discussed business and lives and we hope to stay in touch.

It was good. He to had distanced himself from the company. Spends more time at the parent firm closing their deals. Makes sense. Nothings fun when the team isnt there.

All the best to all of you, and hang in there tight.