This post is titled so because its the position im in right now. Who thought id be blogging from my cell sitting in an Indulge cafe on my way home only cos i was stuck in 2 consecutive traffic jams.

Its mad. I was driving from iic, pulled a u turn near the cm house and headed for clifton through the bypass.
After wading through clifton to kh-ittehad, i cant get on to the sh-e-millat ext.

Its been a while and the traffic looks pretty bad on the opposite side.

There is some sindhi drama being shot here, and the whole staff is looking. This place is never crowded hence i guess im not the centre of attention right now.

I wish the roads open up soon, cos my plans of headin home early look dashed right now.

Dost sent a message, finally some contact with someone i know. Low on cell credit, hence would have tossed call to someone.

The movie staff is goin, they have wrapped up things. Im takin another look out the window, looks like things are movin. Point is, e i want to take the shot?

Trade mark action in progress: they shall now play the music i want them to.