Officially, today is my first new blog day. Also happy new year and eid mubarak to all of you (in the order you prefer). So here goes.

Welcome to Random-X :)

All posts and comments from the prevrious blog have been transported here thanks to some wordpress thingamagic. KIndly update your blogrolls and all that stuff, while I will keep tweaking this one till it fits whats needed. Also….do bear with the sudden changes in templates and link locations should you see any. Like i said, although the move is now official, there still is some fine tuning left.

Also, credit is due to a dear friend who came up at the last moment with some hosting space help. Thanks a million buddy.

Now…I’ll be posting about my days spent in silence soon, its been busy, fairly busy, with a dash of just lazing around the house all day with nothing to do at certain occasions, but generally busy. 2006 ended on a not so pleasant note, and while it went through fairly smooth all the way MashaAllah, the end pinched a bit.

Khair, it ended, Qurbani got done, I cooked the liver and it tasted yum and there is none for you guys.

All the best, take care and stay green…