When you add them all together, most often you might end up with what you may call an occasion. Some casual, faded from memory within a week or two at most, some hang on, and some shape the very lives that we lead today.

Though not every occasion may be as course-of-life changing, but several are, and one never know what minor incident, that has long passed its due time in the throes of our mind, decides and determines the impacts of what we think today, or how we react to a given set of conditions.

Experiences, are one set, but these are connected with scenarios and chalk out a path of logic and a following course of action. They are a measure of our learning and exposure in our respective fields of life.

Its strange (at times wonderful) of how certain places, that were once fairly normal to you, change to become something that gets your mind going. Planting a goofy grin on your face that make others think you have lost it, or driving you to make a phone call or writing an email.

We all have our special moments, with friends, family and other significant ones (ill leave it at that).

Question is, if these occasions didnt occur, or occured at a different place and time, would they still bring that goofy grin? Or would they have been long forgotten.

One such incident, which started out as just a random convo with a stranger, now has a whole new meaning and story to it. It pleasantly haunts me everyday for the past few months, and trust me when i say this, im loving it everyday.

It does, at times, scare me of tomorrow, but tomorrow is inevitable. We shall see when the time comes.

Enough talking. Time to bug that friend now!