The greeks had a very logical reason for the existence of a soulmate, they believed that man initally had 2 heads, four arms and four legs. He was then cut into half as a consequence of some form of disobedience to the gods, thus creating the modern human, who was left to search for his/her other half, the soulmate.

A new age belief is that souls are made with a direct connection to one another, in pairs as they say, and it is the other pair of your soul, that is your ultimate soulmate.

In the life of every person, there is someone or another with whom oen makes a very deep connection. The connection at times is too deep, beyond our greatest and wildest dreams.

Last night, she said she was my soulmate. I called her my soul.

The deams in my mind, the ambition that fuels my ideas, the mischief that runs through my brain, the light that permeates my eyes, the invisible tickle, that makes me smile….

Its all you…..