As a consequence of some decisions, whether good or bad, I am now in a position to administer a judgement upon my own actions and intentions. It is a feeling of elation and euphoria that encapsulates me at certain times; it is then that the time to reflect, judge and decide has come.

Where I go and what I do after such a time is an absolutely different story. The time that has come and gone is unaccounted for in my life, an unrecorded moment in my history, much like a transition from one point to another without any interruption in time. It is like an instant that has taken place during the course of another one, both at different places, and I have been at both locations at the same time.

Where my ideas have gone I do not know, the aspirations have spirited into the heavens, the desires diluted into the sands, the dreams, broken by the opening eye. The winds pass on, the streams continue to make their way across the narrow pathways scattered with tiny pebbles ground by years of flow.

Walking along the path, I see nothing except the green of the leaves that surround me in every direction. It is as if every step is one in an unknown place, with nothing revealed, only adding to the ecstatically beautiful mystery that surrounds the whole concept. Is this a dream or yet another reality just as real as a dream itself. All of the realities in my world are mere extensions of the dreams that I have ever seen.

At one point I realize that my dreams are not solely mine. There are others that share them, all the individuals, friends and foes that exist in my dream, are infact, witnessing the same illusion whether asleep or not. It is rather an unknown telepathic connection that cannot be proven by any known means of science or philosophy.