Living, breathing, always moving. Moments in life, silent motion, from one end to the other. From there, further deeper into what lays in wait. Mountains, valleys, rivers and barren scapes of the real and the temporal. We keep moving. It is the ever lasting journey that keeps survival possible.

We seldom travel alone. Even when we say so and in from the deepest recesses of our heart and mind we feel alone, we are rarely ever never so. There is always someone that walks with anyone and everyone of us, we most often just don’t know.

We look upto people, those we trust, for knowing and holding our hand and walking us to safety. It is an overwhelming opportunity and seemingly a matter of pride, such challenges at times shaking the very foundations of every shred of self confidence when the task is unfolded. No guidance is simple, no suggestion can be steroetyped, no two people and no two scenarios are the same.

When people are looked up to, it is the knowledge and wisdom of such people that comes into question. Professional matters aside, some people have an inherent belief in the ability to fix things and to make them work. Build them for the long journey ahead. Knowledge, ideas and wisdom, are a beautiful symphony spun in the tides of pure inquisition. Some know not, even with years of learning; some know, without opening a single book.

All those who know, by whatever means, thorough courses of eons uncounted, share a common fear (for lack of a lighter word) of the being held responsible, not by people, but by guilt of the self. Things must go on, challenges must be faced, care must be taken, the risks are always there.

When the job is done, the search for the next quest is never too far. Its just a matter of packing up and moving on, back to the deserts, the infinite wilderness, knowing not what lies in wait.

Greek anyone?