It seems that sadly blogging has been reduced to a weekly activity only. More like my sat night hangouts :P. SAD maaayyynnnnn!!!! I shall have to fix this!

The week went mostly busy, lots of time spent finding myself, amongst other things.

The working week ended with a call from a “saat samundar paar” friend who called to check up on me when I was not seen online in Friday. I initially thought I’d end up catching a flu from the rapid weather changes here, but then I realized that the culprit for the weird headache and nose trouble were my specs. This lead me to realize that I had ordered a set about a month ago, which was just still in the wardrobe. Out come the new specs and here start the field trials.

Im a decently finicky person by nature. The fact that my specs are slightly tilted or weighing more on one side of the nose will cause severe troble ranging from headaches to runny noses to dizziness. Today is the first long haul trial of the new set and I can feel slight disproportionate weight alighment on the right side of my nose. Greek for many I know, but thats the only thing on my mind right now while I hear my bro talking to mum about cricket scores and my birthday boy youngest bro playing games on the pc.

The past week has seen wonderful weather and drizzle spells on a frequent basis.