Its been a long day today, having a breather and typing this post out. Had to take a drive to SITE today in an AC less car…..and as a friend rightly put it, with my back plastered to the leather seats.

Its 7.40 and I’m still at office…primarily cos there are a few things that I can finish off in straight stretches of dedication rather than nasty interrupting phone calls, internet service interruptions and power plays in between.

The secondary reason is I have a friends valima to attend within 2 km from my office. Whilst the drive home would take almost 45 mins to get there, and approx 30 mins back…I guess it’ll be just a waste of time.

What’s more? I just discovered I had 2 more random adders!! and on of them calls himself “”, the other one was a female….with threethousandandsomethingsomething friends. I’m sure this figure increases by the hour, considering the number of desperate ‘fraaannddshipp”ers out there.

My coke is over..and I’ll get back to work,…