On the basis of some “information” the IT dept has blocked my internet today. What information, is something the Systems Manager cares not to explain. Whats weird is that during the day when i made my previous posts, i mentioned that my Gmail chats are under the radar. I found out because the IT dept. head was kind enough to let me know verbally. I paid heed to his warnings and ceased all communication through my Gmail channels. Any chat invitations that i recieved, were answered with a “cant talk here, mail me or call”.

I am p*ssed. Very p*ssed.

One of these days, im gonna take this whole *ucking department and hang it by its heels.

The IT Policy manual states that chatting is not allowed, which i accept. But playing games is also not allowed, isnt that a violation by IT? Isnt that abuse of network resources? I dont give a damn if they do it during office hours or outside it. They use MSN, i dont care what purpose, but they do. That is a violation. So what if ur sitting at the bloody control lines.

You’ll be hearing a lot frickkin more…..keep your eyes and ears covered…..