In Pakistan these days, I’m sure you all know one of the hottest issues in our political circles.  Many politicians have contested the elections by using fake or forged degrees. The number of degrees found to be illegitimate is astounding and the dismissal of these candidates can upset the balance of power in the federal and provincial assemblies.

We have another issue at hand, the fact that the government is trying to suppress the authentication processes of all degrees. Vice Chancellors of universities all over the countries are being threatened to confirm authenticity of degrees. In addition, the chairman of the Higher Education Commission has been put into a political crisis of his own. Attempts to fire him are also under way.

Many people will argue that the condition of graduation is suppressing the will of the people by putting a condition on who can run for the elections. I agree, in part. There are other conditions too. Honesty being one of them. I also believe that if you want to run a shop, you cant do it right unless you are atleast able to do some basic math. Similarly, the role of the parliament is to act as the supreme legislative council. They must know law and legislature. Agreed that we cant stuff the houses of power with lawyers, but atleast we can put people in who know how to read and write and debate these things if needed.

The political scumbags eloquently say that the graduation condition was put forth by a dictator and they do not accept the condition. But seriously, who are you kidding. The elections were also set up by the same one. If the election rules state that certain conditions need to be met, then they should be. These politicians escape all sorts of legal charges on “lack of evidence”, but certainly, the charge of cheating the state has been proven against many of them, and it has also been determined they do not fulfill the “honesty” criteria.

For discussions sake, lets just assume that you politicians love this country and are only working in its supreme interest, and that you have no personal interest in power what so ever.

Did you really, honestly, cheat to come to power so you could “serve” the country? Is that the height of your patriotism? Deceiving the state, knowing it is a crime to do so, just to serve the state?

Please take your crap some place else. Thank you.