After ages of endless wandering, I finally managed to open a bank account. What pushed me for it was the fact that I was lethally broke and had to borrow cash from my younger bro to make the initial deposit. I had cash, or cash equivalents rather. Crossed cheques which I needed to put in a back to get my cash. First you work to get paid, then you work again to ACTUALLY get paid. When is this going to end? No I’m not planning a retirement!

You have money, that you cant spend! Talk about being broke!!

Its hot today, pretty hot compared to the pleasant breeze that was blowing yesterday and the day before. For some reason, I just switched off my ac, maybe cos it just wouldnt stop blowing ice on me!

So we move on, people in Lahore and Isloo are having fun in the rain.

The office I’m currently at is a temporary. There is this one gentleman who I seemingly a pretty decent guy, but on and off, he walks out of his office, comes outside my window, lights up and dials a number on his cell and keeps talking for centuries! I can often hear him inside my room too. Thankfully at the new office, I will be located upstairs so that curtails a bit of this mindless suspicion.

Its almost 3, I’ve just ordered lunch and thankfully Hennys was sweet enough to deliver 1 sandwich! which is cool!

It just arrived!….I shall now eat. BTW, what do you guys prefer? warm sandwiches or cold??

On another note, I had to turn on the word verification thing on my blog, sadly.