Alright folks, Ramadan has almost officially ended, and has just brought along with it an unbelievably long weekend that lurks at me from the darkness.

I have a natural tendency to work and though I think there are a couple of things I can manage to think straight and consistently about, I honestly doubt that they will be able to contribute anything towards my lack of anything to do state. Whats worse is that the busy week is all of a sudden followed by a large gap of nothingness, just sit at home, maybe hang out a bit.

This year, Ramadan was fairly relaxed on my end, as compared to my almost 15/20 iftars out of home last year, I managed to retain only 3 external iftars. Felt good to be home, at least by iftar time. Best part was leaving office at 5, knowing there would be a significantly diminished rush on the way, meaning I could get home in under 35 mins or so.

Eid is around the corner, its an occasion that I, for some reason, cannot relate to. I understand the religious significance, and the chutti and eidi part, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. I for one, am amongst those who even wonder why most Islamic countries (and even certain sectors of our society), celebrate Friday as a holiday. Just doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’m an overt workaholic, though I don’t completely agree to that, but yes, I do believe in my workaholism. Its the overtness that’s the discerning factor.

Been doing a lot of blog hopping lately and quite a few interesting blogs discovered during the last week.

Well, been up for quite a while now, almost 2.30. I think I’ll have sehri and then sleep in another 15-20 mins I guess. No Saturday night plans.