I have no idea what to blog about. Quite a few things come and go before one has time to actually sit and focus on anything in its entirety. In short, things have been busy.

After a long long period of being good aquaintences, I met N recently, and we take the opportunity to yak each others heads off pointlessly every once in a while. We’ve known each other silently for approximately 3 years now, and its always been warm, comforting and peaceful. Now its anything but peaceful, but in the fun sense totally! Its intriguing as to how we as people allow certain relationships to cross cerrain safety barriers over periods of time, making acquaintences, friends and a lot more in the process.

Moving on, things are looking interestingly busy on multiple fronts, lets see what happens in due course of time. Winter has started creeping in, one can actually move around town without getting drenched. The light nip in the air at night, the slight dryness, feels just great.

What else did I make a point to blog about…?

Yeah, attended a seminar yesterday titled “Y is for Youth”, aimed at marketing to the youth, and came back with a head ache. It was probably the worst event ive everseen done by the Dawn group!

Best part about yesterday though was the part about me driving home at night. The roads had very light traffic at about 8.30 pm! I managed to breeze home and in the process I almost believed it was past 11!

The drive to work this morning too, was fairly comfortable as compared to normal days. I guess the citzens of this city are freaked out by potential traffic jam threats!