Alright I accept, i concede and I am back to my blog.

I have been away from my blog for quite a while, mostly because I have been out of time. At times I feel like im kind of chasing time, or maybe, sometimes I am just too lazy!

So heres the story. about a couple of hours ago, I got done with recording for a show with Dawn News TV. Rabia Garib called me up a couple of days back asked if I was available on Sunday. While I initially suggested I’ll be at a strict time frame, by this morning I had done all that was needed and made sure I had time for whatever she had in mind. I seriously had no idea that the show would be so much fun to do!

When I reached T2F, I realized I was the last one to arrive. Farrukh, Fariha Ameer Hamza and Jamash were already there. I must say though, that Mariam and Adnan from Dawn made it all really fun!

Anyhow, once we got done with all that, as I was giving a self introduction, I had to use the terms “I used to blog….” etc….so I realize I have to get back to blogging.

Thank you Rabia, Mariam and Adnan, for shaming me into blogging!

Oh and I have a secret treasure….accumulated while we were recording :P That I shall reveal later!