I am finally back, hopefully to stay for a while. Just to let you guys know, I was irritatied out of my mind by some bloody spam comments that kept arriving. I used to get almost 20-30 spam comments a day, until I tried Akismet yesterday, and its been peaceful since….God that sounds so much like a crappy 2 rupee sabun ki ad!

On other fronts, yes, work has been keeping me busy, but it goes both ways, I have to keep it moving for it to keep me moving. If that didnt make sense, you need to read again and again until your eyeballs are glued to the monitor/lcd/cellphone/whatever suits you.

Falsa: I remember the tag, however there is just so much to do and death is not even in the equation. If i add death to the equation, the list has to multiply several times over. Plus there are many things one essentially cant blog about. I request to be excused from this tag please?

I want espresso ka nashta. Abhee….been wanting it all morning but mornings ended now. grrrrrr…….