After a busy busy month, I finally ventured out and placed an order for a fresh pair of spectacles last Saturday. It seems however that my specs are evading me for some grand reason.

They were due for delivery on Monday; and upon my arrival there, just as I was to collect and leave after some adjustments etc, I discovered a slight defect in the finishing of the frame itself. I notified the shopkeeper, who was glad to acknowledge the defect and requested I come back Tuesday, while he arranged for a replacement frame.

I received a call from him on Tuesday, informing me that the exact colour I chose, was not available. An alternate had been arranged though. I was busy that night so I showed up on Wednesday. The frame made sense, and once he was done switching the lenses, we started aligning the frame for the best look on the face.

The frame broke while the shopkeeper dude was making the adjustments. So back to square one I was again. I have chosen another one, lets see what happens when I show up there today, if I do that is.