Tagged by extiinct, here is a list of 5 weird things about me. Now the rule of the game is 5 weird things, so I’ll do that by my definition, no one gets to cry foul!

  • I’m punctual. Straight shot, no 2 ways about it. I do not believe in being fashionably late or blaming the traffic jams or anything for that matter. AND I also hate waiting for others, if they decide to be late. One major reason why I hate attending shaadis of any sort.


  • I know nothing about poetry, despite the fact that people thing and believe otherwise. I cannot interpret poetry (ok, not english poetry), except when its a song that I have heard a million times over and really love the song.


  • I continuously ask people to stop working so hard and get their butts out of office and spend time at home with family and friends. I barely do the same.


  • I am extremely optimistic, yet have a practical approach towards life. At times these two seem extremely contradictory, but have learnt to co-exist within my soul for some reason.


  • I have a handwriting issue. A SERIOUS one for that matter. I often cannot read my own notes about 2 days after i have written tem, unless I am reminded of the topic they are about. Do not tell me to try this technique or that. I’ve heard those for over 20 something years now and seriously, It does not work.


  • I have a bad memory at times, or maybe selective for that matter. I may even forget the face of the shopkeeper that took my cash 20 mins ago, or maybe even my waiter i a restaurant. I have issues remembering movie names and the names of the actors, except a rare few of my favourites.

Those were six, one more than needed.

I tag falsa, khizzy, jaded, qu3st, mystakool, UD, mocha, Procrastinator friend, grapefrooty, dysfunctional, serendipity and anyone else who wants to. (the rest have already been tagged, not my fault!