On a fine wednesday afternoon, as I was on my way to pick procrastinator friend for a lunch. On my way as I was driving down the cafe clifton wala road (I dont know its name), a certain elderly gentleman (hence forth referred to as chacha), riding a bicycle on the far left side of the road (my car being on the far right, with more than a truck’s space in between) decides, for some reason only god knows, to turn his cycle to the right after taking an almost 90 degree turn.

He glides gently into the path of my car, while I slam my hands on the horn and feet on the brakes. Screeches emenate, trye burns, skid marks strech on the road….and by the time chacha be in contact with the car, thankfully it was slow enough not to cause any major damage to chacha and his cycle.

The damage….however….was to my car!
I lost the headlight and the massive scratch on the bonnet means a dent and paint job be the order.

Chacha was up on his feet in under 5 mins, and when I asked him what he was doing on the road, is reply was “main to kaam karta hoon……tum ne mujhe gaari maar dee”. WTF……as if i dont work!! hello! we all work for a living!

Lucky for me, a couple of onlookers testified to chachas stupidity and saved me from the “rich kid with car hit poor man” drama….the cops showed up too and I was asked to leave since there was: a) no significant damage to chacha; b) it was NOT AT ALL MY FAULT!