For those wondering, the movie did not last 30 mins, but for me, it started and ended after a merciless crash within those 30 mins. The following post will answer a lot of queries regarding my disinterest in Indian flicks. The post is not meant to hurt anyone, and is purely an expression of my personal opinion regarding a particular indian movie.

Said movie is titled “Corporate” and was about the ups and downs of the corporate world in India. I started watching the movie where 2 “top executives”, the CEO and the project head were sitting discussing the ground water contamination levels at the bottling plant location just 2 weeks prior to the launch of a soft drink.

Question 1, if the company is a soft drink company, why does it need a project head to start off with?

Question 2, one of the top execs was the CEOs brother in law, the other was the female the brother in law had a relationship with. What sort of corporate was this?

Question 3, the company was projected to be a foreign firm (lets keep it at franchise at the moment). What sort of foreign firm will allow such callousness?

Coming to financials, this company, was in operations, and was about to have a Rs. 4,000 crore public issue. Why the hell cant they talk in normal numbers?/ Rs. 4,000 crores = Rs. 40,000,000,000. Now thats one huge public issue for a company thats already captured 60% market share using ONE plant!.

India is a huge country, even Pakistan has 4-5 bottling plants for Pepsi alone! So if it already has that much market share, what other business does it want? 40 billion is a huge amount! Over 7 billion USD! That has to be the largest public offering in the world ever! pretty ambitious they be I guess!

The group itself, was over 20,000 crores….so approx. 36 billion USD in size? Thats massive. With that kind of power under your belt, even the prime minister would shit a ton of bricks before bothering you. So why the hell were they scared of a bloody enquiry commission? and they made it seem as if the law is very strict! such BS i swear! What happened to the Bofors scandal? What happened to the Tehelka people? What about the persons implicated in teh Union Carbide incident? For those who dont know, the Union Carbide pesticide plant disaster in Bhopal is one of the worst in industrial history after the Chernobyl disaster!

Nothing happens to anyone.

This movie was clearly written by someone highly impressed by the corporate world, but obviously knew nothing.

I watched Inside Man last night, a dialogue from Denzel Washington: Don’t bullshit the bullshitter.

Its pretty self explanatory why I only watched a part of it.