Of Age and Expectations

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The journey of life is one of many memories, many learning and many opinions that we shape as individuals. This journey exposes us to the strengths and weaknesses of those around us, including our friends, family and loved ones. There is no sacred cow, everyone has their own flaws, and as much as we might […]

Where I am

Written by on 09.10.2016 | Happenings, Moving Life

It has been a while since I have logged into my blog. Life, has been interesting. “Interesting” being the key operative word here. It throws me from one place to another, from one situation to another. Birth, death, relationships, friendships employments…I can’t find one thing that has not yet seen a change. They say that […]

What I am thinking

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I like to let my brain run free at times. That can have multiple effects. Either I drop the idea of thinking all together, and sink in the brief moment that is finally, at peace or I look for something to do, something new to think, a new challenge to kill. This post is a […]

Deception and Patriotism

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In Pakistan these days, I’m sure you all know one of the hottest issues in our political circles. ┬áMany politicians have contested the elections by using fake or forged degrees. The number of degrees found to be illegitimate is astounding and the dismissal of these candidates can upset the balance of power in the federal […]