How to remove G+ people from showing in your Gtalk

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So, a lot of people have been wondering how not be publicly available to chat by members of their Gplus circles. Here is how I did it. a. “Google+ settings” from the top right menu after going to your google plus page. b. Click “Profile and Privacy” from the menu on your left. c. In [...]

What I am thinking

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I like to let my brain run free at times. That can have multiple effects. Either I drop the idea of thinking all together, and sink in the brief moment that is finally, at peace or I look for something to do, something new to think, a new challenge to kill. This post is a [...]

Deception and Patriotism

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In Pakistan these days, I’m sure you all know one of the hottest issues in our political circles. ┬áMany politicians have contested the elections by using fake or forged degrees. The number of degrees found to be illegitimate is astounding and the dismissal of these candidates can upset the balance of power in the federal [...]

Of Law, Honour and Islam

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Over the past few years, we have seen many many despicable things in our country, our society. It makes one wonder, rather believe in the non-existence of any law and order in the country. What’s even more surprising, is that in our “Islamic” republic of Pakistan, we see an absolute state of digression towards some [...]